How It Works

Enter Your Info into the YehYeh App

YehYeh makes it easy to manage your social media, payment apps, gaming accounts, messaging accounts, and websites in one convenient place. Just enter the info you wish to share with others in the YehYeh app on your phone. Anything you place on the app can be shared through your YehYeh instantly.


 Attach the YehYeh tag to Your Phone

Just attach the YehYeh tag to your phone with the self-adhesive patch. The YehYeh tag contains all of the info you program into your phone, making it easy to share with others. You can use a single YehYeh tag for all of your info, or you can create more than one tag, with one that shares your social media, another that shares your personal websites, and another for sharing only with business and work associates.

 Connect Instantly with a Single Tap

Any smartphone can instantly retrieve your contact information with a single tap of the profile-sharing tag. The other person DOES NOT need to have YehYeh to transfer your information to them. Just tap your phone against theirs and they will immediately receive all of your information. In these times of social distancing, this is a HUGE feature – since you never have to hand over your phone to someone, you minimize the chances of spreading any germs or infection!