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Be a YehYeh Influencer
Do you have the “it” factor? If you’re a rising influencer and passionate about connecting to your audience, the YehYeh Ambassador program wants you!
Sign Up to Gear Up
Register with us and we will send you our Premium Ambassador Kit to support you on your journey. You will receive:
20 Premium Round YehYeh Tags to boost your online presence and grow your audience
YehYeh Swag because we appreciate and support you that much!
5 Premium Round YehYeh Tags for 10 people you think will benefit from our tap-and-go way of life
But Wait,
There's More...
As an influencer, you can earn commission when someone is referred from your referral link or someone makes a YehYeh purchase through your profile. Your earnings will then be sent securely through PayPal or Venmo. Become an Influencer with YehYeh and watch your followers and bank account grow!
Join the YehYeh Influencer Tribe
You can now tap, connect, and share as part of the YehYeh Tribe! Earn points for everything you do and collect badges along the way. From “Newcomer” to “Megastar”, every tap counts. The more you share, the more points you earn. And the more points you earn, the more prizes and free swag you get! Be part of the YehYeh Influencer Tribe to boost your status and win amazing perks.
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